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Welcome to the Password Sentry Affiliate Program for webmasters. We pay webmasters 25% commission on referrals for any of our products and services. All tracking and payments are reliably and honestly handled.

How it Works

All it takes is to set up an account, and link to our site using the special tracking link. When a surfer clicks on the link, they are redirected to our site. A cookie is issued that holds the Affiliate ID of the affiliate. Then they are redirected to the Password Sentry home page. When and if the surfer purchases any of our products and/or services listed above, the cookie is retrieved and the corresponding affiliate is credited with the purchase. A seamless and reliable process!

Step One:

Read the Rules, and Important Notes below (towards the bottom of this page). If you accept, then Join

Step Two:

After you are validated, go to Affiliates Control Panel to download banners and get your link codes.

Affiliate Statistics

Affiliates can monitor their stats online 24/7 via Affiliates Control Panel!

Important Notes

  • Post your affiliate link on your website, mailing lists, message boards, etc. that are geared towards webmasters. Or personally email other webmasters you know. But NO spamming allowed! Only targeted promotions. We have a NO SPAM POLICY. If for any reason we notice that you are spamming, we will cancel your account immediately and revoke any commissions owed. Unsolicited emails are illegal. We will not accept webmasters who promote child porngraphy, celebrity content, and any other content that is deemed illegal in any jurisdiction. If we find that you have any of the mentioned content or are directing traffic to our site, we will cancel your account immediately and revoke any commissions owed - and notify the proper law enforcement agencies in your area, as well as the FBI. No exceptions!

  • You are credited with the sale if the person purchases one of our products or services immediately after clicking on your affiliate link on your site, or years later.

  • You are NOT allowed to use your affiliate link to purchase products and services through our site. No exceptions! Any affiliate caught making a purchase via their affiliate link, we will cancel their account immediately and revoke any commissions owed. So do NOT click on your affiliate link if you have plans in the future to purchase any of our products and/or services - if you do, ensure you manually delete the cookie before you make a purchase on our site.

  • Real-time stats (tracking and sales) via Affiliates Control Panel

  • Reliable and honest tracking and payment system. Affiliates are paid monthly via PayPal. You MUST have a PayPal account in order to signup and receive commissions payments. No exceptions! Click Here to signup for PayPal. Payouts occur monthly (to all affiliates, regardless of amount owed) on the 7th of the month for commissions earned during the previous month. If any sales result in chargebacks, reversals or refunds, the commission will be deducted from your next commission payment - if your commission payment is of lessor amount, then the negative balance will be carried over to the next month until it is fully paid.