Payment Processors :: Redundancy

payment-processingIf you run a paysite, then more than likely you use a third party payment processor to collect payments. They process credit cards, allowing you to accept payments from clients. The number of payment processors is large and varied. However, a common mistake made by many webmasters is to use just one processor. This has a potential for problems. Why, you ask? Albeit rare, processors have been known to fail. To go out of business. Or, restructure, and phase out processing for certain goods and services: often at the whim of the credit card companies. We saw this in the 90’s and early 2000’s when credit card companies like VISA and Mastercard started to move away from high risk industries like adult websites.


What do do? You  should use multiple payment processors. For example, two or three. That way, if one should fail or drop you, you still have the others processing for you. So, no disruption in processing new clients – although subscription renewals of existing clients on the old processor will, of course, be disrupted. However, you can migrate them to one of your other processors. A seamless adaptation to stay in business, and preserve your revenue model and revenue stream.


So, if you have not already, setup at least two payment processors. It’s insurance to protect yourself in case you lose a processor. It’s all about redundancy.


For non-adult websites, we highly recommend PayPal and 2Checkout. For adult websites, we highly recommend Verotel / Cardbilling.

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