Webpage Load Speed

webpage-load-speedIf you haven’t already, it is highly recommended that you check how fast your website loads and performs. The WebPageTest is the site to do just that. To quote their website:


Run a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers (IE and Chrome) and at real consumer connection speeds. You can run simple tests or perform advanced testing including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking and much more. Your results will provide rich diagnostic information including resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements.


Just enter the URL to your website, select which location you want to test from, and the browser to use for testing. Then click on the [START TEST] button to do it. Takes a few secs, but once the test is completed, you will be presented with a wealth of results and data. Very powerful.


Back in the “olden days” of the Internet when many surfers were on slow dialup connections, the rule of thumb was that your website had to load in 8-10 seconds. Fast forward to the present when most surfers are now on high speed connections. To hold on to surfers, your site needs to load in a second or two. Otherwise, they could click away. Lost surfers, and in the case of commercial websites, lost sales. It can make an enormous impact, and is much more critical than other things like PageRank. You can have all the quality traffic in the world. But, if you can’t keep surfers glued to your website, none of that means anything. First impressions mean everything, and how fast your website loads factors into that tremendously.


It can be quite an onerous task to increase your page speed, but it can be done with a little elbow grease and hard work. Once done, your efforts will pay dividends. Ideally, you should score 85+ out of 100. Using a content delivery network (CDN) like CloudFare will dramatically increase page speed and performance.


So, check your site at WebPageTest to see how well it performs. If your site rates less than 85-90, then get started improving page speed and performance. They have a forum community that is very helpful in providing assistance. We can also help, although we do charge for this service. Feel to contact me or us if you want help in improving how well your website loads and performs. Otherwise, most webmasters are capable of the doing the task. It just takes time, patience, research, and tweaking. Tweak, and test. Tweak and test. Tweak and test. Enjoy – maybe not the tweaking and testing, but the end result of a website that loads fast, and holds the attention of web surfers.

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