alexa-traffic-rankDespite what I said regarding Alexa Traffic Rank, you may still feel the need to increase your Traffic Rank. Maybe because of bragging rights:


“My dad’s website can be beat your dad’s website!”, he says. I say, “Oh yeah, my dad’s website can be at your dad’s, and I got the Alexa Traffic Rank to prove it!”
Or, to better appeal to advertisers if you sell advertising space on your website. Sites with higher Traffic Rank often rank higher with advertisers who pay a higher premium to advertise on such sites.


And, if you intend to sell your website, you may feel that you can list for a higher asking price if your site ranks well with Alexa. There is some truth to this, providing the Traffic Rank is organic and not artificially inflated. If your high Traffic Rank is the result of a being a popular website because you offer popular content that is updated on a regular basis, then of course Traffic Rank and website value positively correlate.


That said, what are the methods one can apply to boost Alexa Traffic Rank? Here is the short list:


Install the Alexa Toolbar
Install the Alexa Toolbar in your browser. Also ask friends and others including surfers to install the toolbar in their browser and visit your website on regular basis. Post a link to Alexa Toolbar on your website.

Claim Your Site
Claim your site on

Insert Alexa Widget on Your Website / Blog
Copy the Alexa Widget HTML code to your website, blog, etc.

Get Traffic From Webmasters
This is the most important factor that impacts your Alexa Traffic Rank. If you get more visitors who are webmasters, then your Alexa Traffic Rank will increase fast because webmasters more commonly have the Alexa Toolbar installed. So, for example in the case of non-webmaster websites, create a section that is geared towards webmasters – for example, a blog or message board.

Write Articles About Alexa
Write articles about Alexa (in your blog, message board, or as HTML pages), and and link back to

Commenting and Backlinking
Comment on message boards, blogs, etc. which are under the niche. And form linking reciprocal relationships with other websites. Backlinks are crucial since Alexa even calculates the number of backlinks you have.

Update Your Website on Regular Basis
This is critical as it attracts visitors, and encourages them to bookmark your site and return – which makes your site more popular. But, it will also elevate your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), which in turn will bring more traffic to your website. More traffic generally equates to increased Traffic Rank. Well maintained, original, well written, relevant, and interesting posts in a blog, message board, etc. will go a very long ways to drive up Traffic Rank – and website popularity, advertising rates, and value. It’s all about building a site that attracts traffic: new visitors and return traffic. Do that, and the battle is won!


Share Your Pages, Posts, etc. on Social Networking Sites
Share your content on social networks like Google+, Facebook, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn, Digg, etc. Doing this will increase the popularity of your site via word of mouth, bring more traffic to your website, and elevate your Alexa Traffic Rank.


Do NOT use sites that promise to increase your Alexa Traffic Rank using various artificial methods like paid surfers. The results will vary, and they will be short-term gains: you will fall back to where you were before you started as soon as you stop. Plus, you run the risk of being caught by Alexa – in which case, you may find your Alexa Traffic Rank even worse – possibly much worse. It is cheating, and it is not worth the gamble or the risk!

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