Word cloud - web designThe clamoring demand of websites is increasing day by day and this is the reason that business entrepreneurs want their websites to perform equally better as their business and much better than their business development executives. And keeping pace with the demand, designers have started believing that HTML 4 and CSS early version needs a replacement. With newer versions on the forefront, HTML and CSS are all set to break grounds in the Internet world. The hair-raising amalgamation of two web languages HTML 5 and CSS 3 are expected to be seen on the websites in the times to come. Before we move a bit further, let’s first discuss what HTML 5 and CSS 3 is?


HTML 5 and its Features

HTML is an acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language that is utilized by web designers to create web pages that they wish to develop. Typically, what is portrayed under HTML coding is the content of the website that encompasses title, headings,and other content. But replacing the old version, HTML 4, HTML 5 has brought something new for the designers and absolutely for the users. In contrast to what websites were few decades ago, today we can see a radical change. With business seeking out for user-friendly, media rich and interactive websites, HTML 4 has taken a back seat and HTML 5 is ready to create furore among designers. HTML 5 being a new version of the language provides coding that will certainly allow easy, better and quick fusion of videos and audios. A new advanced interface for the users is again an addition that can be expected out of this advanced version.


CSS3 and its Forthcoming Advancements

Known as Cascading Style Sheets, CSS is primarily associated with the presentation of the content on the website when visited by a web crawler. It focuses on the background, font, style, color and the overall look of the website. With other advancements in comparison to what it was in late 90’s, CSS 2 is now replaced with CSS 3 which was working well for the website of previous times. However, with the limitation of second version to particular styles, effects, fonts, CSS3 is brought to the effect. Keeping in mind the appeal and interactiveness of the websites, CSS3 is set to bring revolution. This new version is made to provide the designers with more effective tools that makes the website more appealing visually.


Benefits of Using CSS3 and HTML5

1. Better quality of visuals is the chief benefit of using both together.

2. Helps adding customized touch to the fonts

3. Assists in enhancing table look through better styles

4. Due to the web sockets available, quick transfer of online data and communication is done.

5. Native functionality of HTML 5 and CSS 3 doesn’t involve the need of validation

6. Ensures better information access

7. Allows incorporating Canvas over the website.


Thus website designing with the use of HTML5 and CSS3 provides accessibility to the designers to use plugins relating to audio, video and thus interactiveness. With the aforementioned benefits of using HTML and CSS newer versions, designers can create furore in the designing industry.


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