Password Sentry Advantages :: Authentication Versatility

password-sentry-advantages-authentication-versatilityWe are often asked to compare our Password Sentry app with our competitor apps. Commonly what advantages does Password Sentry have over our competition. Well, there are many. We will start off with authentication versatility. Password Sentry will function under virtually any authentication scheme:


1. Basic Authentication. For one, Password Sentry functions with Basic Authentication and form-based authentication. Our competitor apps lack this functionality and versatility. What is Basis Authentication? It is the more common method to password protect a directory. HTTP Basic Authentication (BA) implementation is the simplest technique for enforcing access controls to web resources because it doesn’t require cookies, sessions, or login pages. Rather, HTTP Basic Authentication uses standard fields passed by the browser. You authenticate via browser popup (see figure 1), and then the same credentials are automatically passed to the web server every time you request a resource (image, video, web page, etc.) in the password protected directory. This is the common method which is preferred by many webmasters. Out-of-the-box, Password Sentry can track and manage logins in this environment. The same cannot be said of our competitors.

Screenshot (1)

Figure 1. Basic Authentication


2. Form-Based Authentication. The other method is Form-Based Authentication. Our competitors only offer this solution. Password Sentry also supports this authentication scheme via the optional PHP Authentication Plugin (see Figures 2, 3). This method blocks dictionary attacks and brute force attacks where hackers try to guess passwords. You can also define the look of the login page via editing the Plugin template page.

Screenshot (3)

Figure 2. Form-Based Authentication (PHP Authentication Plugin)



Figure 3. Video demonstration of Password Sentry PHP Authentication Plugin.


3. Authentication Integration. Password Sentry can also be quickly and easily integrated into existing third party applications. The same cannot be said for our competitor apps. Your app still handles logins, but after the login, Password Sentry analyzes the login. If login passed, no action. However, if the login fails (e.g., number of unique logins using that login username exceeds threshold), the user is then redirected away to an URL of your choosing. We provide a number of ready made integration plugins for FREE. Plus, for no charge, we will integrate Password Sentry into any PHP or CGI-Perl web application. Free. None of our competitors do this.


This is one way Password Sentry towers over our competition. In later blog articles, we will discuss other advantages of Password Sentry. There are many, so stay tuned – and bookmarked.

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