Password Sentry Advantages :: Banning

Another big advantage of Password Sentry is Ban Control. What is Ban Control? Ban Control is a function within the Password Sentry web-based Admin Control Panel (ACP). It allows you to ban IP addresses and countries. None of our competitors have this functionality. For example, if you have frequent issues with certain IP address blocks and/or countries, you can block their access. After they login, they are redirected to an URL of your choosing. Now, they cannot access your protected area. In addition, you can whitelist IP addresses. Whitelisted IP addresses are immune or exempt from any action. This in addition to exempting certain usernames – also via the ACP. This functionality gives you greater control over who can and cannot access your site, and greatly reduces access by unfriendly persons. And again, a functionality that is unique to Password Sentry. Just another advantage of Password Sentry over our competitors.

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