Block Bulk Downloading
Block Bulk Downloading

Block Bulk Downloading to Protect Your Bandwidth, Web Server, Content, and Sales


Block bulk downloading is an advantage which applies if you use the optional PHP Authentication Plugin. An added feature of the Plugin is it, by design, effectively works to Block Bulk Downloading. One of our competitors refers to this as “Anti-Slurping”. So, what is bulk downloading? It is an automated process by an application which spiders a website (like a search engine spider), fetches all the content, and downloads it. These apps will follow links within the site. Content can be just be anything which can be viewed from the web via a web browser: images files, video files, text files, HTML pages, etc.


What is the problem with bulk downloading? The problem is two-fold:


Firstly, bulk downloading drives up your bandwidth, which can be very expensive! Bulk downloaders automatically download everything, regardless if the content will be viewed later. Very indiscriminate, and it places a lot of load on the web server CPU. It could crash your web server. So, in addition to extra bandwidth charges by your web host, you might face lost sales if your site loads slow or if the server goes offline.


Secondly, the person doing the bulk downloading could then copy your site to another domain, and steal your traffic and sales. Not as uncommon as you think, and could cost you big dollars. Bulk downloaders greatly facilitate and exacerbate this form of digital piracy. Our Plugin can play a pivotal role in clamping down on bulk downloaders to protect your bandwidth, web server, content, and sales.


So, that is where the Plugin comes in. The Plugin disrupts these bulk downloading applications. Typically the apps cannot authenticate, and are redirected away from the target content which only the browser can access.

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