Social Media Traffic Building
Social Media Traffic Building

Social Media Traffic Building


In an earlier Blog article, I discussed traffic building in terms of building a better website. Now that you have built a better website, you need to get it on people’s radar. Word of mouth advertising is great and often underestimated. However, you need to first get a crowd forming around your website. You could purchase advertising, but there is a free alternative: social media traffic building.


Social media is great venue for promoting your website: on your Facebook wall and Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn Profile and Feed, Blogger blog, etc. There are so many. You can use text, links, photos, videos, sound bytes, etc. to promote your website. The possibilities are unlimited – limited only by your imagination.


Which social media outlets you use depends on how you plan to market your website, and what your website is all about. Further, each one requires a separate strategy. Do NOT treat them all alike. In addition, be careful to not appear to be exploitative or commercial. Offer surfers tidbits of what your website is all about. Free samples, preview videos, excerpts, etc. Tantalize them, but be careful in sensationalizing. Sometimes less is better.


A good strategy is to implement apps which can auto-post on your behalf to social media around the clock. If done correctly without spamming, it can be a very powerful means to attract traffic to your website. We have released a new tool (app) which does just that: auto-posts to your Twitter Feed (text, photos, links). The app is called Twitter AutoPost. The app is available in our Tools section. And, we did similar for Facebook, creating an app to automatically post to your Facebook Page: Facebook AutoPost.


As long as you respect social media and follow the rules of each social media outlet, and don’t comes off as spammy, then you can use social media to draw traffic to your website. Like any approach, the recommended and most successful strategy is to utilize multiple social media outlets. A bigger net has the greatest odds of catching a return. So, cast a wide net by targeting as many social media outlets as you can. But, define a separate and unique marketing strategy for each outlet. Over time, with likes, shares, etc,. you can quickly build an audience. Even a fan base, whom are often loyal – and loyalty breeds return visits to your website.


The strategies, possibilities, and opportunities are only limited by your imagination, creativity, and commitment. Set your limits as limitless, and you shall reap the rewards of social media.

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