Welcome to the Password Sentry Security Blog

Welcome to the Password Sentry Security Blog! This blog’s intended audience is webmasters. However, many posts will also be relevant to everyday web surfers.

We will update the blog on a regular basis, focusing on security and the web. Tips and tutorials to make your website(s) more secure, and to make your web surfing more secure and safe. We will also post and discuss security alerts in the news.

We here at Password Sentry are all about security. Making our client websites and web servers more secure and protected from hackers. It’s can be gnarly world out there with some people with nothing better to do but spending their time discovering security vulnerabilities so they can (at your expense) exploit them to their advantage. We are here to expose the security vulnerabilities and weaknesses to curtail hackers, and protect you and your devices (web servers for example).

Together, we can make the world a little less gnarly, and a whole lot more secure and safer: the way the Internet and the Web was meant to be. So, we hope you find the blog informative, helpful, and a good read. We will address some serious and sometimes heavy topics, but we will always inject some whimsy and humour. After all, let’s have some fun learning to be more secure. We have so much to gain in this journey, so let’s not do it like there is a sword hanging over us.

So enjoy, learn, and be more secure. You have everything to gain, and everything to lose (sorry, there’s that damn proverbial sword).

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