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Last Updated on 8 June 2021 by Daniel

We are currently working on the next Password Sentry update. This is a minor update:

  1. When a user is suspended from downloading content (monitored by the BM Plugin), you normally receive a notification email and/or text message. We have set it up like the other notifications. You will be able to (via AdminCP :: System :: Preferences :: Mail) disable or enable such notifications.
  2. We have created a new AdminCP page: Suspended User Downloading which is dedicated to displaying users whose download content access has been suspended by the BM Plugin. You will have option to restore access to selected users.
  3. Fixed bug in the Reset app with respect to syncing suspended download access users: with respect to (i) purging suspended users no longer seen as members, and (ii) purging suspended users who no longer appear to be in violation of any Bandwidth Rules.
  4. Updating MySQL queries to increase MySQL performance and decrease MySQL latency to speed up Password Sentry in the front-end (tracking) and back-end (PS AdminCP).
  5. Fixed bug related to BandwidthMonitor (BM) plugin. Users who violate Bandwidth Rules are not suspended (from downloading). Updated bandwidthmonitor.php file.
  6. Updated AdminCP Updater App. If you are using the optional AuthForm (AF) Plugin, you can direct the Updater app to skip updating the login template file (plugin-auth-form.tpl). If you have customized / modified this file, then you can direct the app to not update it.

We expect to release this update late May or early June..

UPDATE: We have released the update on June 07 as version 8.00202106071

By Daniel

I'm the founder and CEO of Lionsgate Creative and Password Sentry. Besides coding and technology, I also enjoy cycling, photography, and cooking.

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