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Business owners, board members and managers must depend upon accurate and accessible information to make important decisions. The theft, damage or unauthorized disclosure of an organization’s mission critical information can be a disaster. A company can be crippled or forced out of business if it’s deprived of the data needed to function.

The world is in the middle of a cybercrime wave. The losses are huge. The total dollar amount exceeds that of the illegal global drug trade. Crimes that target an organization’s confidential information are low-risk and high-return. Data breaches are hard to prevent and difficult to prosecute.

Cybercriminals are constantly on the prowl looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. Thousands of computer networks, mobile electronic devices and personal computers are compromised every day. When hackers and crackers discover vulnerabilities they will exploit the weaknesses and attack for nefarious purposes.

A wise owner, manager or board member would want to answer the question posed in this document’s title, “Can your organization survive a cyber intrusion?”

Just honestly answer the questions that appear on the following page and test the robustness of the security of your company’s information system.

Quickly Test the Strength of Your Organization’s Computer Security

Answer the questions below with either a “Yes” or “No”.

1. Has your company adopted a formal, written information security plan?

2. Does your company have an inventory of all of its information assets?

3. Has each information asset been classified as to its importance?

4. Do all of your employees have information security awareness training?

5. Does your organization maintain a backup of its information in a secure, off-site location?

6. Are you certain that your organization is in compliance with all laws and regulations related to the collection, sharing and use of its private confidential information?

7. Do you have a plan to fend off a cyber attack and respond to a security incident?

8. Do you have a hardware and data destruction plan?

9. Does your company have a mobile security plan?

10. Does your company use access control policies?

11. Do your employees sign-off on appropriate use policies?

12. Do you use encryption?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions your organization is vulnerable to a cyber attack. It’s that simple. You are strongly advised to take steps to reduce the risks and strengthen the security of your computers and networks.

Become proactive about information security and start protecting your digital assets. Read and learn as much as you can about computer security. Make information assurance a mission. Pay as much attention to security practices throughout your organization as you do accounting, shipping and marketing.

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your mission critical data should be one of your most important tasks. At Paladin we encourage you to make it happen.

Dr. William G. Perry is the founder of Paladin Information Assurance ( [http://www.paladin-information-assurance.com] ) and its chief information security analyst. Paladin’s mission is to help organizations discover information security risks and to deploy mitigations. Its core belief is that the protection of digital processing infrastructure is a matter of national security and must be treated as a key business process.

Dr. Perry also publishes the informative Computer Security Glossary ( http://www.computer-security-glossary.org )

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