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Last Updated on 7 July 2021 by Daniel

We are in the process of developing a plugin to integrate Password Sentry (PS) and WordPress (WP). We have noticed that there is a trend to use WordPress as a members-based CMS (content management system) to deliver content to paid subscribers. And, of course, this setup (like any members site) can be exploited by password hackers and password traders / sharers. A number of our existing clients and prospective clients have expressed a desire for a plugin like this to take advantage of Password Sentry to provide protection from people sharing passwords. Sharing which can be very expensive!

To that end, we are committing time and resources to develop this plugin. We hope and expect to release the plugin this summer. The plugin will be free. However, you will need to install Password Sentry: either the Free Version or the Pro Version. The reason being that the plugin simply binds the WP login to the PS tracking API. PS stats etc. are viewed and managed within the PS AdminCP environment which is installed and handled independently of WP.

We will update as we develop the plugin, and when we have completed development and released the plugin.

Update: We have completed the plugin. WordPress has approved the plugin, and the plugin now exists in the WordPress Plugin Repository:

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