Revolutionary update coming to Password Sentry

A new and very exciting revolutionary update is in the works for Password Sentry! What may you ask? We are working fast and furious on a new edge which will take Password Sentry to the top with a bullet.

Password Sentry does an amazing job in using proprietary high precision GeoTrackingTM technology to detect and block password sharing. Our optional AuthForm (AF) plugin takes it to the next level to block dictionary and brute force attacks (in an attempt to guess passwords to gain access).

However, although our clients are overwhelmingly pleased with Password Sentry, and how the app dramatically reduces costly password sharing, they are eager to completely block password sharing with less intervention. It password sharing is detected, the user is automatically suspended by Password Sentry. You can setup a cron job to automatically restore suspended users after a given time. Otherwise, you have to login to PS AdminCP to manually restore.

This can be a headache for some webmasters and a nuisance for some end-users (members). What to do.

We came up with a solution. Our solution will virtually eliminate password sharing: from the beginning (first user login). 100% effective. Win-win scenario for both the webmaster and end-users.

We cannot elaborate on the solution at this moment in time. We have started development. We hope and expect the first version of the plugin to be released this fall. Like all of our plugins, they are free for all license holders.

Stay tuned. More updates to follow as we develop this app. Password Sentry has always worked hard to be more proactive than reactive. Now, we are on the precipice of nailing it. We are really excited!

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