Password Sentry Update

Last Updated on 3 November 2022 by Daniel

We have started development on a hosted version of PS code named h-PS. Instead of installing PS on your server, you can signup for a h-PS account at access and use via our recurring monthly subscription service. We do all the heavy listing, and you reap all the rewards.

You will still have the option of purchasing (one time purchase) the self-hosted version of PS, downloading PS and installing (or having us install) PS on your server. Just that when h-PS is released, you will have two options. None of our competitors offer this!

What are the advantages of h-PS over PS?

1. No need to install PS. Setup is quick and easy. One PHP file, and quick edit of your members .htaccess file. We do provide free installation of the self-host version of PS, but now you handle it yourself: even quicker and easier.

2. No need to upgrade PS, which can be a number of times a year. Always up-to-date. Although it is quick and easy to upgrade the self-hosted PS, in the case of h-PS it does not have to be on your radar.

3. h-PS will include an option to list your site in the SSO (Single Sign On) Directory where you invite other listed h-PS users to co-SSO such that your members can access the other site, and vice versa. Great revenue stream if done right.

4. Less load (and less cost) on server since PS handled remotely via h-PS on our site (

We hope and expect to launch h-PS in the next 6 to 12 months, maybe sooner. Stay tuned, and if you have not already, bookmark our site. This and other exciting news and updates coming down the pipe: including another revolutionary future update to PS which will completely eliminate password sharing from ever happening from the get-go!

By Daniel

I'm the founder and CEO of Lionsgate Creative, Password Sentry, and hoodPALS. Besides coding and technology, I also enjoy cycling, photography, and cooking.

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