Poetic Justice

Last Updated on 4 June 2023 by Daniel

In the realm where digital rivers flow,
A tale of cybersecurity I shall bestow.
Amidst the pixels and lines of code,
A battle unseen, yet it fiercely rode.

In a vast virtual world, where dangers reside,
Where hackers and threats doth quietly hide,
Guardians of data stand tall and strong,
Defending our online rights, where we belong.

They weave their spells, firewalls ablaze,
Shielding our networks from malicious ways.
Their keyboards dance with skilled finesse,
Encrypting our secrets, their utmost success.

Through fire and ice, they navigate,
Protecting us from a malicious fate.
With every line of code, they devise,
A fortress secure, where trust shall arise.

Phishing emails, a treacherous tide,
They thwart with wisdom, never to hide.
Their vigilance sharp, like an eagle’s sight,
Exposing deceit, keeping us alight.

In the depths of darkness, a virus lurks,
Seeking vulnerabilities, it slyly smirks.
Yet the defenders rise with courage and might,
Eradicating threats, banishing the blight.

They educate, empowering the masses,
Awareness their shield, as wisdom surpasses.
With passwords strong, like unbreakable chains,
They ensure our digital lives sustain.

In this digital age, where risks amass,
Cybersecurity warriors march, en masse.
Their mission clear, their dedication unwavering,
Preserving our trust, forever engraving.

So let us stand with them, side by side,
Embracing the power of knowledge as our guide.
In this cyber realm, let us unite,
For a safer, secure future, shining bright.

By Daniel

I'm the founder and CEO of Lionsgate Creative, Password Sentry, and hoodPALS. Besides coding and technology, I also enjoy cycling, photography, and cooking. https://www.lionsgatecreative.com https://www.password-sentry.com https://www.hoodpals.com

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