Optimize Alt Text   One area where web designers and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals usually butt heads is over the use of images as text instead of actual plain text, usually done in the navigation or other important elements of a website. This can cripple an SEO implementation by limiting the effectiveness of elements that could have been textually based, as text is much more effective for interlinking. This is just one area where image alt text can be very useful.   Alt text — which are found in the “alt” portion of image tag — allows you to add a short descriptor ofRead More →

Choosing Web Design Company Websites are the calling cards of every online venture that you should be proud of! It should provide relevant information along with pleasant viewing to all its users, achieved through quality web development and designing services. With advancements in the field of internet marketing and web technologies, now the market is over-flooded with avowedly best web design company. Therefore, selection of a good web designing company has become a tricky task. However, there are many determinants based on which a probable decision is reasonable as well as worth the value of your hard earned money. if you want to reach toRead More →

The clamoring demand of websites is increasing day by day and this is the reason that business entrepreneurs want their websites to perform equally better as their business and much better than their business development executives. And keeping pace with the demand, designers have started believing that HTML 4 and CSS early version needs a replacement. With newer versions on the forefront, HTML and CSS are all set to break grounds in the Internet world. The hair-raising amalgamation of two web languages HTML 5 and CSS 3 are expected to be seen on the websites in the times to come. Before we move a bitRead More →

What is (X)HTML validation, and is it important? Validation is to ensure that the HTML markup is correct, using a third party validation service or application. The accepted industry standard is the W3C Markup Validator Service.   Ensuring that your HTML is valid is important. For example, validators ensure your HTML markup tags are properly closed and nested. This is crucial to ensure that your web page and web site looks the way it was intended to your audience (web surfers) regardless of the browser they are using. Your website needs to be consistent in look and feel. Making the HTML valid goes a longRead More →

Is your site mobile ready? By that what I mean is your website designed to be mobile friendly? Does it look good on a desktop and on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). It matters because more and more people are surfing web using mobile devices – and not just while on the run, but from the comfort of their living room or office. This is especially true for the younger demographic. Unlike what some are saying, PCs and laptops are here to stay despite lagging sales. However, mobile devices are catching up, so you need to ensure that your site appeals and worksRead More →