Password Sharing Password sharing is a problem with any website which allows users (members) to login. It is especially true with paysites where users purchase access. Adult websites, in particular, are prone to password sharing which can be very expensive in terms of bandwidth and lost sales. Sharing of passwords usually results from two actions:   An existing member shares, trades, or sells his password to other person(s). Less common and less a problem since they typically share their password to a select small group of people like friends. Nevertheless, it which results in lost sales.   A second method is used by individuals (hackers)Read More →

Website Password Protection   The typical and most common method to password protect a website directory is Basic Authentication. What is Basic Authentication? It is the more common method to password protect a directory. HTTP Basic Authentication (BA) implementation is the simplest technique for enforcing access controls to web resources because it doesn’t require cookies, sessions, or login pages. Rather, HTTP Basic Authentication uses standard fields passed by the browser. You authenticate via browser popup, and then the same credentials are automatically passed to the web server every time you request a resource (image, video, web page, etc.) in the password protected directory.   ThereRead More →