Sitelok Plugin   The Password Sentry Sitelok Plugin is a great case example of how easy it is to integrate Password Sentry into third party applications. Sitelok is a powerful PHP / MySQL based membership software script that allows you to password protect pages to create members only areas on your website. We partnered with Sitelok in 2015 in a cross-promotional partnership. Password Sentry is an excellent fit for Sitelok to protect their password protected members areas from password sharing.   Sitelok was quick to develop a plugin: Password Sentry Plugin. It is a FREE plugin for Sitelok end-users: although one requires a purchased PasswordRead More →

Password Sharing Password sharing is a problem with any website which allows users (members) to login. It is especially true with paysites where users purchase access. Adult websites, in particular, are prone to password sharing which can be very expensive in terms of bandwidth and lost sales. Sharing of passwords usually results from two actions:   An existing member shares, trades, or sells his password to other person(s). Less common and less a problem since they typically share their password to a select small group of people like friends. Nevertheless, it which results in lost sales.   A second method is used by individuals (hackers)Read More →

Block Bulk Downloading to Protect Your Bandwidth, Web Server, Content, and Sales   Block bulk downloading is an advantage which applies if you use the optional PHP Authentication Plugin. An added feature of the Plugin is it, by design, effectively works to Block Bulk Downloading. One of our competitors refers to this as “Anti-Slurping”. So, what is bulk downloading? It is an automated process by an application which spiders a website (like a search engine spider), fetches all the content, and downloads it. These apps will follow links within the site. Content can be just be anything which can be viewed from the web viaRead More →

Password Sentry Admin Control Panel   Another huge advantage of Password Sentry (PS) is the accompanying web-based Admin Control Panel (ACP). Most, if not all, of our competitors lack a ACP – or least a proper one that comes close to matching the functionality of our ACP. The Password Sentry ACP is full featured. You can edit and configure all aspects of Password Sentry. No need to edit files. No need to use FTP. Completely built-in. Further you can manage your settings (Preferences), users, and view all logs files: Logins, Errors, Activity, etc. To top it off, you can upgrade your PS via the ACP:Read More →

Another big advantage of Password Sentry is Interlinking. What is Interlinking? Interlinking is a really cool feature, and one that is unique to Password Sentry. None of our competitors offer this functionality. Interlinking Plugin allows you to grant access from another secure area on one domain using the plugin to the secure area on another domain also using the plugin. Interlinking sites can be on the same server or different servers. This enhanced function allows for cross-domain secure areas sharing. Members of one site can access the members area of another site, and vice versa. The interlinking can be one-way or two-way. GREAT cross-promotional tool.Read More →

Another big advantage of Password Sentry is Ban Control. What is Ban Control? Ban Control is a function within the Password Sentry web-based Admin Control Panel (ACP). It allows you to ban IP addresses and countries. None of our competitors have this functionality. For example, if you have frequent issues with certain IP address blocks and/or countries, you can block their access. After they login, they are redirected to an URL of your choosing. Now, they cannot access your protected area. In addition, you can whitelist IP addresses. Whitelisted IP addresses are immune or exempt from any action. This in addition to exempting certain usernamesRead More →

We are often asked to compare our Password Sentry app with our competitor apps. Commonly what advantages does Password Sentry have over our competition. Well, there are many. We will start off with authentication versatility. Password Sentry will function under virtually any authentication scheme:   1. Basic Authentication. For one, Password Sentry functions with Basic Authentication and form-based authentication. Our competitor apps lack this functionality and versatility. What is Basis Authentication? It is the more common method to password protect a directory. HTTP Basic Authentication (BA) implementation is the simplest technique for enforcing access controls to web resources because it doesn’t require cookies, sessions, orRead More →