SEO Friendly Website Design   Search engine friendly site design is vital in search engine optimization. That will help you to get more visitors from search engines. These are most important points when creating a web page with search engine friendly. They are as follow.   Content The content is always king. The Content only express what you’re offering whether selling goods or services. You have to concern major points when u writing content for your web pages:   (i) Uniqueness   Write content from your own style with professional writing techniques. You may refer competitor websites to get some idea to writing content. ButRead More →

Black Hat SEO   One of the many popular methods used in Internet marketing is SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most widely used methods to improve a website’s visibility in the World Wide Web through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.   However, though successful and effective, SEO requires a lot of work, understanding, and patience not only among SEO specialists, but also among the clients that outsourced their SEO needs. This is because its techniques and methods requires time to grow to achieve its effectiveness in SEO. These techniques are normally known as White Hat SEORead More →

Social Media Traffic Building   In an earlier Blog article, I discussed traffic building in terms of building a better website. Now that you have built a better website, you need to get it on people’s radar. Word of mouth advertising is great and often underestimated. However, you need to first get a crowd forming around your website. You could purchase advertising, but there is a free alternative: social media traffic building.   Social media is great venue for promoting your website: on your Facebook wall and Facebook page, YouTube Channel, Twitter Feed, LinkedIn Profile and Feed, Blogger blog, etc. There are so many. YouRead More →

Build Better Website   Every webmaster faces the same challenge. How to drive traffic to their website. Traffic, after all, equates to sales revenue in the case of commercial websites: whether you are selling goods and services, or just relying on advertising like Google AdSense. It is also the most common source of frustration. Especially in the light of increasing competition. The old adage applies: build better website, and they will come. Never has this applied so much to the web. But if you can tackle the challenge to drive traffic to your website, then you have hit a home run.   Many webmasters, inRead More →