The Copycat Cyberattackers With Serious Commonsense

Last Updated on 6 June 2021 by Daniel While the entire digital world is plagued by online attacks designed by sophisticated hackers and spammers, there are many attacks that are designed by either the novices or people with comparatively less expertise. There is one such group of attackers by the name Copy Kittens that not… Continue reading The Copycat Cyberattackers With Serious Commonsense

Domain Name Security Measures To Keep Your Online Property Safe

Last Updated on 30 May 2021 by Daniel You may be able to protect your tangible property with security guards, CCTV surveillance and electric fences, but what about protecting your domain name? If you thought that domain names don’t need protection, then you are mistaken. Every domain name which is in use is continuously appreciating… Continue reading Domain Name Security Measures To Keep Your Online Property Safe

5 Ways to Find Out If Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

Last Updated on 29 May 2021 by Daniel With the advent of technology, the art of hacking has also undergone a huge metamorphosis. Today, in the event of the security of your WordPress site being compromised, it’s impossible to tell from the first look that something has gone wrong. Instead of inserting some random text… Continue reading 5 Ways to Find Out If Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked

Problems With Self Signed Certificate

Last Updated on 27 May 2021 by Daniel Problem #1: Frequent Display of Security Warnings Self Signed SSL certificates often display security warnings because browsers such as Internet Explorer (IE) do not recognize these certificates. Every browser has a defined list of ‘Trusted Root Certification Authorities’ – some publicly available, some not – and will… Continue reading Problems With Self Signed Certificate

Password Sharing

Last Updated on 17 May 2021 by Daniel Password sharing is a problem with any website which allows users (members) to login. It is especially true with paysites where users purchase access. Adult websites, in particular, are prone to password sharing which can be very expensive in terms of bandwidth and lost sales. Sharing of… Continue reading Password Sharing

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SSH Security

Last Updated on 15 May 2021 by Daniel In the previous security article, I discussed FTP security. This time around, I will discuss hardening your Secure Socket Shell. SSH is a network protocol that provides administrators and webmasters with a secure way to access a server using a client like Putty or SecureCRT, to name but two.… Continue reading SSH Security

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FTP Security

Last Updated on 14 May 2021 by Daniel Don’t underestimate the value of FTP security. Before there was the Web, there were hackers. Hackers have always been in the mix, and the birth of the World Wide Web provided hackers another playground to spoil. But if one is careful and vigilant, one can defend oneself… Continue reading FTP Security