Password Sentry Update

Last Updated on 21 August 2022 by Daniel

We are currently updating Password Sentry: bug fixes, performance improvements.

The key improvement is adding the functionality to use multiple password files. We’ve had this request from a number of clients who …

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Revolutionary update coming to Password Sentry

Last Updated on 20 August 2022 by Daniel

A new and very exciting revolutionary update is in the works for Password Sentry! What may you ask? We are working fast and furious on a new edge which will take Password …

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The use of deepfakes can sow doubt, creating confusion and distrust in viewers

Last Updated on 17 August 2022 by Daniel

Technology that can produce deepfakes is widely available. (Shutterstock)

Sze-Fung Lee, McGill University and Benjamin C. M. Fung, McGill University–creating-confusion-and-distrust-in-viewers

In early March, a manipulated video of Ukrainian President