What follows are a series of articles discussing website security, and how to make your website more secure. Before there was the Web, there were hackers. Hackers have always been in the mix, and the birth of the World Wide Web provided hackers another playground to spoil. But if one is careful and vigilant, one can defend oneself against hackers. This first article will focus on FTP security.   It is of critical importance to maintain FTP security in order to prevent unauthorized access by third parties like hackers. If a hacker gains access to your FTP server, they can cause many problems:   1.Read More →

Welcome to the Password Sentry Webmaster Blog. This is our first post. We will be posting on a regular basis, featuring articles related to Password Sentry (of course). We will also be posting articles of interest to webmasters, whether you are a Password Sentry user or not. All things to all webmasters. We will also be recruiting guest bloggers in the industry to post helpful and insightful articles. So, this blog will be definitely be worth bookmarking. Stay tuned.Read More →