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IP Mapper

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Use this tool to map one or more IP addresses and/or Domains. Enter one per line up to a maximum of 10. Results are mapped via Google Maps.

We provide this tool for FREE! However, we would greatly appreciate your support so we can continue to develop more tools (online tools and downloadable tools). You can show your support by sharing / liking this tool on Facebook. You can also tweet this page to your Twitter followers and following us on Twitter.

IPs / Domains

Enter one or more IPs (xx.xx.xx.xx) and/or Domains ( to map. You can enter up to a maximum of 10: any after 10 are ignored, and are not mapped.

Popups Blocked

You appear to have popups blocked in your browser settings. This tool uses a popup window to display the map. If you wish to view to view the map, you need to enable popups: in general or make an exception for this site:

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