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Password Sentry (PS) is always looking for partners. We offer three(3) partnership options:

Option 1

Join our PS Affiliates Program. Earn 25% or up to $25 on every sale! Win-Win situation for you, and us. We do all the work.

Option 2

We create a special coupon for your hosting clients. Typically, 50% off discount. However, we could make this a win-win-win situation. 25% off coupon and 25% of every sale to you: 50:25:25 where everyone wins. Again, we do all the work.

Option 3

Purchase PS licenses in bulk at bulk prices to sell to your clients at your price point (cannot exceed our price point). Earn up to $40 on every sale! Win-Win-Win situation for you, your client, and us. Then, you can use the [Transfer License to Other] tool in the Client Area to transfer one of your PS Licenses to another person. They pay you, you create a PS Client account for them, and then you transfer a PS License to their newly added PS Client account. More effort is required on your part. But still quick and easy, and potentially very lucrative. This is a very common partnership option with web hosts!

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In the case of web hosting companies, there are other benefits:
  • Greater Hosting Client Retention. PS prevents password sharing with the option to throttle downloading bandwidth. This goes a long ways to protect the bottom line, and ensure a websites' profitability. In doing so, a hosting client is less likely to migrate to another web hosting company.
  • Reduction in Server Load and Less Headaches. PS reduces server loads which can benefit the PS hosted account, and in the case of shared servers, benefit other clients on the same server. Less headaches for everyone including the web host. Web hosts will be less likely to have to resort to suspending hosting clients for overusing resources.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to us today about partnering with us.

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