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PHP Manual [The Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract class]

Yaf_Application::__wakeup || Yaf_Dispatcher || Yaf || PHP Manual

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Bootstrap is a mechanism used to do some intial config before a Application run.

User may define their own Bootstrap class by inheriting Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract

Any method declared in Bootstrap class with leading "_init", will be called by Yaf_Application::bootstrap() one by one according to their defined order.

Example #1 Bootstrap example

/* bootstrap class should be defined under ./application/Bootstrap.php */
class Bootstrap extends Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract {
        public function 
_initConfig(Yaf_Dispatcher $dispatcher) {
        public function 
_initPlugin(Yaf_Dispatcher $dispatcher) {

$config = array(
"application" => array(
"directory" => dirname(__FILE__) . "/application/",
$app = new Yaf_Application($config);

The above example will output something similar to:

string(22) "Bootstrap::_initConfig"
string(22) "Bootstrap::_initPlugin"
abstract Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract {
/* Properties */
/* Methods */

Yaf_Application::__wakeup || Yaf_Dispatcher || Yaf || PHP Manual
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