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PHP Manual [EventDnsBase

EventDnsBase::loadHosts || EventDnsBase::setOption || EventDnsBase || PHP Manual

(PECL event >= 1.2.6-beta)

EventDnsBase::parseResolvConfScans the resolv.conf-formatted file


public bool EventDnsBase::parseResolvConf ( int $flags , string $filename )

Scans the resolv.conf-formatted file stored in filename, and read in all the options from it that are listed in flags



Determines what information is parsed from the resolv.conf file. See the man page for resolv.conf for the format of this file.

The following directives are not parsed from the file: sortlist, rotate, no-check-names, inet6, debug .

If this function encounters an error, the possible return values are:

  • 1 = failed to open file
  • 2 = failed to stat file
  • 3 = file too large
  • 4 = out of memory
  • 5 = short read from file
  • 6 = no nameservers listed in the file


Path to resolv.conf file.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success. Otherwise FALSE.

EventDnsBase::loadHosts || EventDnsBase::setOption || EventDnsBase || PHP Manual
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