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(X)HTML Validation :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
What is (X)HTML validation, and is it important? Validation is to ensure that the HTML markup is correct, using a third party validation service or application. The accepted industry standard is the W3C Markup Validator Service.   Ensuring that your HTML is valid is important. For example, validators ensure your HTML markup tags are properly closed and nested. This is crucial to ensure that your web page and web site looks the way it was intended to your audience (web surfers) regardless of the browser they are using. Your website needs to be consistent in look and feel. Making the HTML valid goes a longRead More →
2018-11-04 01:27:23

Account Check :: Password Sentry
Use this tool to Reset Password, Recover Username, or Find Account
2018-11-04 01:26:20

Affiliate Program :: Password Sentry
Password Sentry Affiliate Program. We pay 25% commission. All tracking and payments are reliably and honestly handled.
2018-11-04 01:26:25

Alexa Traffic Rank :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
Okay, first there was Google PageRank. Now we have Alexa Traffic Rank: another ranking metric to drive webmasters crazy. Alexa collects data on browsing behavior of users who have installed the Alexa toolbar, and transmits it to the Alexa website, where it is stored and analyzed, forming the basis for the company’s web traffic reporting.   Alexa Traffic Rank is an approximate measure of how popular a website is. It is a comparative measure that compares websites, and takes into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit. More Alexa toolbar users who visit your website, higher yourRead More →
2018-11-04 01:27:34

Alexa Traffic Rank Boosting :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
Despite what I said regarding Alexa Traffic Rank, you may still feel the need to increase your Traffic Rank. Maybe because of bragging rights:   “My dad’s website can be beat your dad’s website!”, he says. I say, “Oh yeah, my dad’s website can be at your dad’s, and I got the Alexa Traffic Rank to prove it!” Or, to better appeal to advertisers if you sell advertising space on your website. Sites with higher Traffic Rank often rank higher with advertisers who pay a higher premium to advertise on such sites.   And, if you intend to sell your website, you may feel thatRead More →
2018-11-04 01:27:35

All Things to All People :: Crossbrowser Building :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
In an earlier article, I discussed the importance of (X)HTML validity testing to check that your site conforms to industry web standards to better ensure that your website will appear as it should with all browsers, present and future. I also emphasized that just checking your site with different browsers is not enough. However, it still needs to be done.   Whether we are working on one of our websites or a client website, we always tested the finished product with different browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera. We test on different resolution monitors, and we also test on differentRead More →
2018-11-04 01:27:22

Black Hat SEO :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
Black Hat SEO is a term given to SEO techniques that causes adverse effects in the natural algorithm of search engines.
2018-11-04 01:27:14

Block Hotlinking :: Webmaster Blog :: Password Sentry
Hotlinking refers to direct linking to a website's file. This article provides a strategy to block hotlinking to save your bandwidth and property.
2018-11-04 01:37:43

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