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PasswordSentry Highly Recommends NETbilling

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You have been extremely responsive and helpful - above and beyond the call of duty. I've been on the internet doing business and dealing with a wide variety of companies, and your customer support is awesome. So many companies suck in that department and act like they could care less once they get your money. I wish everyone were like you, Dan! Thanks!
You are wonderful. You make me feel the best thing I did relative to this cgi script is buy it from you. Your service is quick, its polite and extensive. Please quote me if you would like.
Philip Shaddock
Before trying the PW Sentry system, our website was under near constant attack from crackers, brute-force attacks were eating up a sizeable amount of our CPU-cycles and bandwidth, and a constant flow of accounts going 'rogue'... we actually had one account in use by over 50 unique individuals at one point! We tried a multitude of different scripts, both freebies' and commercial solutions, but none of them offered much in terms of protection and reporting capability (or customer support!), most of them relying on code that was outdated years ago and well known and subverted by the unscrupulous people who are constantly trying to steal content and bandwidth from us webmasters. But PW Sentry is different, offering a level of protection, alerting, and *action* that no other solution can provide to date; now, when a password-pair is released into the wild, PW Sentry shuts it down immediately, saving us untold amounts of bandwidth and aggravation. After switching our systems over to the PW Sentry system, our bandwidth bill dropped dramatically, easily making it the most cost-effective purchase we have made to date for the administration of our website, and the kind folks at Password Sentry have offered a level of customer support that is *unprecedented*, including amazingly quick response time to support inquiries, as well as free installations of the product, even in non-standard environments that required custom code modifications. The latest version of PW Sentry is state-of-the-art, bleeding edge protection that stops *all* brute-force attacks before they even start, and offers unhackable protection for your web-based endevours. Don't get ripped off any longer by the multitudes of crackers' that inhabit the underside of the web, PW Sentry is the only solution!
Password Sentry AWESOME! As a professional web designer i have had the opportunity to work with a variety of programs designed to make web site security simple and reliable. I have NEVER seen a product as versitile and reliable as Sentry. For Over 4 uears i have trusted site security to this invaluable tool, both for my own sites and my clients. Being involved in the Adult Web Site Community, stolen or traded passwords account for nearly ALL lost revenues (both potential and real). Using Password Sentry combined with Protect has 100% effectively stopped password traders and site hackers dead in their tracks, while providing the neccessary information to track the culprits and take the neccessary steps to ensure that they'll not be back! And lets not talk about support!!! You guyz have come thru from day 1!!! Amazing!!! If you've looked for a solid tool to protect your sites assets, look no further!!!! I 100% whole heartedly recomend and endorse this product for anyone who is serious about site security!!!
Kevin Jeffery
I ran across the link to this software while surfing for other adult websites to link to. As usual you think "oh hell" another software that claims to stop hackers. Well I read the info and then did the demo with Dan's help. I had been warned that my passwords to my site had been posted on the Net but didn't think anyone would get in. Well upon installation of Password Sentry we caught our first culprit in about 2 minutes. He had posted my link and his password on some site for passwords. I must say I am very impressed and Dan's help (at 2 in the morning) was a big plus. I will be launching 5 new sites in the next 2 months and you can bet your last dollar I will be using Password Sentry. Thanks Dan
Karl Kincheon
EbonyMomma Productions

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