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I am an US-based real estate agent who runs a Wordpress blog that provides professional advice to home sellers and home buyers. It is a pay-to-use blog that requires users to purchase access. I started to suspect that some users were sharing their access credentials with others, allowing them to view my columns and advice for free. Potential huge hit to my pocketbook. I looked around for a solution. Not a software pro, but I found a few possible solutions. Three or four, including this one. I contacted each one. None seemed capable of being applied to my Wordpress site. One did, but they were going to charge an incredible amount to money to do it. Finally I spoke to someone with Sentry, and they assured me that their software could be "integrated" into Wordpress. And get this - for no charge. Well, they did it. They had a Wordpress plugin that I plugged into Wordpress. Now I can see how my users are checking in. I have already caught a bunch of users who were sharing their access! I think... I know that this software has already paid for itself. Thanks again!!! Now I more focused on educating and helping my members! I like it, my members like it (even if they do not know why)! Rob
Robert Anderson
Expert Real Estate Advice
Submitted: 2015-07-24

Yoohoo! My hubby discovered Sentry over at GFY. We weren't sure at first since we were considering another similar solution. However, after a lot of email tag with you guys (thanks Dan!), we decided on Sentry. With over 500 members on my amateur site, had a real problem with people sharing passwords. With Sentry installed, not a problem any longer. Gonna have my gf's in my network to use or switch over to Sentry. Maybe I should become an affiliate :) Nah, my pleasure, and my thanks to Dan and everyone for Sentry. Hugs and kisses and ...thanks :)
Submitted: 2015-06-26

I only wish I had discovered Password Sentry years earlier! Even though I am a brand new customer at the time of writing this review, PS has already paid for itself in less than a week of ownership. Thanks to the real-time user tracking feature I have already noted several unauthorized login attempts to my website and instantly made the necessary changes to protect my business. Password Sentry support has been beyond amazing, and more than I could have hoped for these days. Seven days a week I know I can count on the PS team to respond to my needs, answer questions and point me in the right direction if I need a little guidance. Definitely one of the best security purchases I have ever made in the sixteen year life of my website!
Katie's World
Submitted: 2015-06-22

Very much needed, Thank You!
Submitted: 2014-11-16

I've been a longtime fan and customer of Password Sentry, since the early 2000s. It's very robust and protects download areas better than anything else I've seen. Dan provides world-class support and I have happily bought many Password Sentry licenses to protect download areas throughout my network of sites. The IP tracking, flexibility, accuracy and configuration options makes Password Sentry an absolute must-have for all webmasters with protected download areas. Best script I've used in over 15 years of fulltime being online. A My business is much better because of the peace of mind and logging and protection that PS provides. Sincerely, Ken Calhoun, President
Ken Calhoun
Daytrading University
Submitted: 2014-01-31

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