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I wanted to thank the support deparment for all there hard work helping me install PS.. Your support person went far above and beyond what was expected. He gave me suggestions on folder layouts and then helped me after I finished his recommendation. He helped me way into the early hours of the morning and now, my site is up and safe.. Again, I can't thank you enough. Your support alone was woth the money I paid for the script.. Should be a higher price if the kind of support I received is given by all..... Thanks again!
Dan R
Submitted: 2004-12-20

AWESOME! I installed this script in about 15 minutes (that includes reading the directions)! The reporting features are awesome, the power is awesome, and the effect on my performance -- not to mention my bandwidth consumption -- AWESOME! I highly recommend this script!!! ($50 is cheap! I've been looking for something like this for a long time! I wouldn't have blinked at $99!)
Jim Parks
Submitted: 2004-12-20

Fantastic program! Feel confident that your members will not be giving away passwords. Email support is very quick and understandable. After researching several password protection programs I found that Password Sentry is the best one on the market. Thanks.
Submitted: 2004-12-20

Password Sentry is fantastic! It's multifaceted and easy to use. I could not have requested better customer support from Password Sentry's staff in tailoring it to my sites very specific needs. If a webmaster wants a great software program with customer service to match, Password Sentry is the ONLY way to go.
Submitted: 2004-12-20

The XXXXXXXXX software we were using pales in comparison to PS! It was okay for stopping a password that had been posted to a "password site", but gave us none of the information needed to stop a "casual" password trader. With PS, we are now able to see full IP addresses, unlike XXXXXXXXX which only showed us the subnets associated with the passwords. This feature allowed us to shut off a password that had been used by one customer from a BellSouth (Southern United States) account and another logging in from Calgary(Canada)... within hours of each other! Also, because the software is on our server, it obeys the limits that we give it. Before converting to Password Sentry, we had lowered the subnet threshold on XXXXXXXXX from 8 to 6. A couple of days later, it shut off a password after 135 subnets were detected! Where was our protection?!? To make ourselves look even MORE ignorant, we paid XXXXXXXXX $100 as a setup fee, AND $30 per month! Password Sentry was only $50!!!
Submitted: 2004-12-20

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