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I was about to pay some guy to write a script like yours when I came across it today. looks like you saved me a lot of money. Hope we can do more business, you are the most effecient cgi guy I have dealt with and believe me we have dealt with a lot. I finaly finished all the links today and boy am I impressed. Within 3 hours of setting it all up we booted out 2 people who had obviously used traded passwords. Then you wouldnt believe it but we got an email saying that our sister site had been hacked and that one of its login details had been posted on a password site. Our ISP had to disable the server because it was taking up almost a full one of there T-1s. So now I have just this instant ordered the programme for our other site.
Pacifico Software Solutions Ltd
The script kicks ass though. I really like it. I looked at several others but wasn't too impressed. Of course the price was a huge consideration for me too. Thanks for doing such a kick ass script for such a good price!
Just had to send my congratulations on one outstanding piece of work. Sentry works flawlessly and shows lots of forethought and talent. After purchasing other crap, it is refreshing to find software that really does the job. Thanks !!!
Ford M
Kick ass, worked like a charm... I honestly had run XXXXXXXXX in the past, but when I changed operating systems over from Sun Solaris x86 to Linux, they wanted to CHARGE me $125 to REINSTALL it, and it only removed users,it didn't give the options that your product has at 1/4 the cost of their system... Thanks for your VERY quick response and VERY quick fix to my particular problem. I can see there will be more business coming your way, as I will spread the word... Take care and thanks!
WOW. In the first day of operation, Password Sentry detected four people who had MY password, a server level access! Rest assured, I won't use the same username and pass for web access that I use for server access again! It also caught a username/pass that was posted on a password trading site, and shut it down. Effortlessly. Your software WORKS, which is FAR more than I can say for some that I have tried. Call me a happy customer, and feel free to put my comments on your website for advertising purposes.

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