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PasswordSentry Highly Recommends NETbilling

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AWESOME! I installed this script in about 15 minutes (that includes reading the directions)! The reporting features are awesome, the power is awesome, and the effect on my performance -- not to mention my bandwidth consumption -- AWESOME! I highly recommend this script!!! ($50 is cheap! I've been looking for something like this for a long time! I wouldn't have blinked at $99!)
Jim Parks
I wanted to thank the support deparment for all there hard work helping me install PS.. Your support person went far above and beyond what was expected. He gave me suggestions on folder layouts and then helped me after I finished his recommendation. He helped me way into the early hours of the morning and now, my site is up and safe.. Again, I can't thank you enough. Your support alone was woth the money I paid for the script.. Should be a higher price if the kind of support I received is given by all..... Thanks again!
Dan R
Thanks. truly amazing. i was getting 1000's of illegal hits to my member area in the last few days on my harmless "non-adult" site. i generally could go to the trading sites and quickly find my site listed with the traded "passcode" and delete the username. for the 1st time (hours searching), i couldn't find anything! your program immediately picked up and suspended 3 different usernames! and the illegal entries stopped.
Just wanted to let you know the updated version of PS is AWESOME! Last night, I had an attempted dictionary attack. Since I using script-based, the would-be hacker never even got to send a username and password...the logs showed six attempts (all within the same second) that returned a "script called incorrectly" error and BOOM.....IP address suspended. Give him an E for effort....he was back on a new IP address within 3 minutes (I know it was the same person because only the last block of the IP address had changed) and tried again. Same thing....attack began and attack thwarted, all in the SAME SECOND! It just doesn't get any better than that! All but two my clients with password-protected membership areas are using Sentry now, and if they don't sign up for it soon, I'm going to increase their hosting fee. I've bundled it with my Pro plan, and think I'm going to go ahead and bundle it with my Budget plan as well, and just make it mandatory for new clients. BTW, I love the ability to do the user lookup by more than/less than/ x IP's....makes life so much simpler cleaning up the IP logs, just do a search for all users with more than 1 IP and clean 'em out! The new login log is a great addition as well! I noted with interest you plan to have a new version soon that among things, will permit bookmarking....that's great too....although I probably won't implement it here, those webmasters using server-based authentication will probably appreciate it! Overall a very solid product that just keeps getting better and better!
I can not recommend a product any more highly than Password Sentry. We use the product on our pay sites with incredible success. There are many similar products on the market today - but none with the cost effectiveness that Password Sentry has afforded us. The product's performance is better than many programs costing thousands of dollars. When our pay sites were falling victim to password traders - their product stemmed the loss of several thousands of dollars in lost revenue per month. Their product can be easily be managed by our in-house IT Staff - and was easily integrated into our proprietary statistical web management software. Their Customer Service Department is much more responsive than any other Company that we have ever dealt with in the past. In this day and age when much is being made of Customer Support Centers, that only provide poor customer support at best, they were there to answer our questions and assist us. If you purchase or lease any other password support software - you will truly be wasting your time and money.
Chuck Wargo
Exclusive Media Group

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