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PasswordSentry Highly Recommends NETbilling

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This is really great. I absolutely love this program. I have tried so many others and I always ended up with a headache. Knowing what I know about the program and how well it functions, I can honestly say that it is under priced. It is worth alot more. Thanks!
Mark Udvadia
Hardtek Inc
Hi just to say thanks for a very good and easy to use program (ps) we have been using your software on 3 of our paysites for the past week and have already seen a big drop in bwdith usage. Plus the hours we spent manually tracking shared codes is now a thing of the past. Well done! A very happy customer!
Sol Digital Services
Password Sentry not only provides a great product but the customer service is SUPERB. Talk about customer service that goes above and beyond expectations!
Dj Resource Online
We require ALL adult websites that host with us to use Password Sentry. If a new client won't use Password Sentry, we will not host them - it's that simple. It's the best anithack software you can find and the customer service is the BEST you can find.
Sales Dept
Bummer Hosting Solutions
This script is awesome, together with the prompt and competent support at a competitive price i think its a musthave for every webmaster struggling with shared/hacked passwords. Besides this i dont know any script on the web with similar features that works and integrates so well. Thank you!
John C

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