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PasswordSentry Highly Recommends NETbilling

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I've been using Password Sentry for a few weeks now. I purchased it without the brute force protection because I didn't want to have problems with my streaming video as I have had with every other password protection program I've used - and I was a little nervous about that. At least the people at Password Sentry tell you upfront the problems this can cause. None of the other companies I've used in the past ten yeras have. I have to say after using Pennywize, Private Eye, Proxy Pass and a few others, this has been by far the best investment I've ever made and it has been saving me money from day one by effectively controlling password sharing. Not only does the program stop it, but gives you the proof to show the 3rd party billing or credit card company which saves in chargebacks and refunds. It also gives you the info you need when you get the member who tries to tell you they haven't been able to access the site as you can look up the user name and email the customer their access log as proof. The live, realtime tracking is very useful to see how many users are logging on during certain periods of the day. Password Sentry installed the software on the sites for me without a hitch and answered my questions. It's also a very clean install without changes to config files or any code added to pages and it runs from my own servers. With the volume of business we do it's really been a huge help. In short, it's worth every penny.
Hal Star
All Star Internet
I am so thankful for this softwear program. It sure has cut down on alot of hackers. I have caught many! I new something was wrong before I got this when I would go into my awstats on my hosting sever and see were on member or more of my site would go through 2 to 3000 pages per day. Those were hackers! Thank You
Password Sentry is a top-notch product that has performed flawlessly for us, and it's backed by outstanding customer service. We're presently using it on three membership sites with plans to add additional licenses in the future.
Richard Novick
Competitive Hosting
PS has been keeping my sites safe for years now, and this has been my best software purchase ever.
I have used Password Sentry for 10 years. When we have a client who needs the best member area protection available, we install Password Sentry. Password Sentry can be configured to do almost anything, The best part is that it works the way it's supposed to. You will not get hacked if you use Password Sentry!
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