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Last night my site processed a purchase made with a stolen credit card. Upon closer inspection we discovered that the purchase was made in the US but the logins were being made from a foreign country. Thanks to PS the login was blocked since the foreign country was already on the ban list. It was pleasing to see PS doing its job - many thanks!
Our company is a network of nearly 100 adult entertainment sites. We had serious problems with the trading password and attack. For a point, which costs us more than 300000 rubles per month. We have tried a number of applications, in order to defeat. They all worked to varying degrees, but no one has given us everything we need. PassWord Sentry did. This application meets all our needs, protects our desire, and saves us over 270000 ruble every month because we bought a license for all sites in 2012. Thanks, Dan! From one cold place to other, you deserve our respect and long-term loyalty. We will launch 11 new sites next month in 01/13. Every one will use the Sentry!
Sergei M.
I've been a longtime fan and customer of Password Sentry, since the early 2000s. It's very robust and protects download areas better than anything else I've seen. Dan provides world-class support and I have happily bought many Password Sentry licenses to protect download areas throughout my network of sites. The IP tracking, flexibility, accuracy and configuration options makes Password Sentry an absolute must-have for all webmasters with protected download areas. Best script I've used in over 15 years of fulltime being online. A My business is much better because of the peace of mind and logging and protection that PS provides. Sincerely, Ken Calhoun, President
Ken Calhoun
Daytrading University
Very much needed, Thank You!
I only wish I had discovered Password Sentry years earlier! Even though I am a brand new customer at the time of writing this review, PS has already paid for itself in less than a week of ownership. Thanks to the real-time user tracking feature I have already noted several unauthorized login attempts to my website and instantly made the necessary changes to protect my business. Password Sentry support has been beyond amazing, and more than I could have hoped for these days. Seven days a week I know I can count on the PS team to respond to my needs, answer questions and point me in the right direction if I need a little guidance. Definitely one of the best security purchases I have ever made in the sixteen year life of my website!
Katie's World

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