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A web server is a computer connected to a network (web host) that offers some service to users, such as file storage. In terms of websites, the server your site is stored on is a computer permanently connected to the Internet that you upload your website files to. The server will then send your webpages and other files to visitors as they connect to your site.
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PasswordSentry :: Security Blog Article An SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) hack refers to unauthorized access to or exploitation of an email server’s SMTP service. This type of attack can lead to various malicious activities, such as sending spam emails, phishing campaigns, or even using … Read More
PasswordSentry :: Security Blog Article Cron jobs themselves are not inherently secure or insecure; their security depends on how they are configured and the tasks they execute. Cron jobs are scheduled tasks on Unix-like operating systems that run at specified intervals. They can be used … Read More