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PHP Manual [The CairoPatternType class]

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CairoPatternType is used to describe the type of a given pattern.

The type of a pattern is determined by the function used to create it. The cairo_pattern_create_rgb() and cairo_pattern_create_rgba() functions create CairoPatternType::SOLID patterns. The remaining cairo_pattern_create_* functions map to pattern types in obvious ways.

CairoPatternType {
/* Constants */
const integer SOLID = 0 ;
const integer SURFACE = 1 ;
const integer LINEAR = 2 ;
const integer RADIAL = 3 ;

The pattern is a solid (uniform) color. It may be opaque or translucent.


The pattern is a based on a surface (an image).


The pattern is a linear gradient.


The pattern is a radial gradient.

PHP Manual || Cairo