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(PHP 7 >= 7.4.0)

FFI::loadLoads C declarations from a C header file


public static FFI::load ( string $filename ) : FFI

Loads C declarations from a C header file. It is possible to specify shared libraries that should be loaded, using special FFI_LIB defines in the loaded C header file.



The name of a C header file.

C preprocessor directives are not supported, i.e. #include, #define and CPP macros do not work, except for special cases listed below.

The header file should contain a #define statement for the FFI_SCOPE variable, e.g.: #define FFI_SCOPE "MYLIB". Refer to the class introduction for details.

The header file may contain a #define statement for the FFI_LIB variable to specify the library it exposes. If it is a system library only the file name is required, e.g.: #define FFI_LIB "". If it is a custom library, a relative path is required, e.g.: #define FFI_LIB "./".

Return Values

Returns the freshly created FFI object.

See Also

  • FFI::scope() - Instantiates an FFI object with C declarations parsed during preloading

PHP Manual || FFI