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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]


PHP Manual [fam_next_event]

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PHP Manual || FAM Functions

(PHP 5 < 5.1.0)

fam_next_eventGet next pending FAM event


fam_next_event ( resource $fam ) : array

Returns the next pending FAM event.

The function will block until an event is available which can be checked for using fam_pending().



A resource representing a connection to the FAM service returned by fam_open()

Return Values

Returns an array that contains a FAM event code in the 'code' element, the path of the file this event applies to in the 'filename' element and optionally a hostname in the 'hostname' element.

The possible event codes are described in detail in the constants part of this section.

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