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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]


PHP Manual [ibase_num_params]

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PHP Manual || Firebird/InterBase Functions

(PHP 5, PHP 7 < 7.4.0)

ibase_num_paramsReturn the number of parameters in a prepared query


ibase_num_params ( resource $query ) : int

This function returns the number of parameters in the prepared query specified by query. This is the number of binding arguments that must be present when calling ibase_execute().



The prepared query handle.

Return Values

Returns the number of parameters as an integer.

See Also

  • ibase_prepare() - Prepare a query for later binding of parameter placeholders and execution
  • ibase_param_info() - Return information about a parameter in a prepared query

PHP Manual || Firebird/InterBase Functions