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PHP Manual [imap_errors]

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PHP Manual || IMAP Functions

(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

imap_errorsReturns all of the IMAP errors that have occurred


imap_errors ( void ) : array

Gets all of the IMAP errors (if any) that have occurred during this page request or since the error stack was reset.

When imap_errors() is called, the error stack is subsequently cleared.

Return Values

This function returns an array of all of the IMAP error messages generated since the last imap_errors() call, or the beginning of the page. Returns FALSE if no error messages are available.

See Also

  • imap_last_error() - Gets the last IMAP error that occurred during this page request
  • imap_alerts() - Returns all IMAP alert messages that have occurred

PHP Manual || IMAP Functions