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PHP Manual [ucwords]

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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

ucwordsUppercase the first character of each word in a string


ucwords ( string $str [, string $delimiters = " \t\r\n\f\v" ] ) : string

Returns a string with the first character of each word in str capitalized, if that character is alphabetic.

The definition of a word is any string of characters that is immediately after any character listed in the delimiters parameter (By default these are: space, form-feed, newline, carriage return, horizontal tab, and vertical tab).



The input string.


The optional delimiters contains the word separator characters.

Return Values

Returns the modified string.


Version Description
5.4.32, 5.5.16 Added the delimiters parameter.


Example #1 ucwords() example

'hello world!';
$foo ucwords($foo);             // Hello World!

$bar 'HELLO WORLD!';
$bar ucwords($bar);             // HELLO WORLD!
$bar ucwords(strtolower($bar)); // Hello World!

Example #2 ucwords() example with custom delimiter

$bar ucwords($foo);             // Hello|world!

$baz ucwords($foo"|");        // Hello|World!

Example #3 ucwords() example with additional delimiters

"mike o'hara";
$bar ucwords($foo);                 // Mike O'hara

$baz ucwords($foo" \t\r\n\f\v'"); // Mike O'Hara


Note: This function is locale-aware and will handle input according to the currently set locale. However, it only works on single-byte character sets. If you need to use multibyte characters (most non-western-European languages) look at the multibyte or intl extensions instead.

Note: This function is binary-safe.

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