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PHP Manual [The ext_skel script]

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PHP Manual || The PHP 5 build system

A PHP extension is composed of several files common to all extensions. As the details of many of those files are similar from extension to extension, it can be laborious to duplicate the content for each one. Fortunately, there is a script which can do all of the initial setup for you. It's called ext_skel, and it's been distributed with PHP since 4.0.

Running ext_skel with no parameters produces this output in PHP 5.2.2:

php-5.2.2/ext$ ./ext_skel 
./ext_skel --extname=module [--proto=file] [--stubs=file] [--xml[=file]]
           [--skel=dir] [--full-xml] [--no-help]

  --extname=module   module is the name of your extension
  --proto=file       file contains prototypes of functions to create
  --stubs=file       generate only function stubs in file
  --xml              generate xml documentation to be added to phpdoc-cvs
  --skel=dir         path to the skeleton directory
  --full-xml         generate xml documentation for a self-contained extension
                     (not yet implemented)
  --no-help          don't try to be nice and create comments in the code
                     and helper functions to test if the module compiled

PHP Manual || The PHP 5 build system