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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]


PHP Manual [MongoDB\BSON\Int64

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PHP Manual || MongoDB\BSON\Int64

(mongodb >=1.5.0)

MongoDB\BSON\Int64::jsonSerializeReturns a representation that can be converted to JSON


final public MongoDB\BSON\Int64::jsonSerialize ( void ) : mixed


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns data which can be serialized by json_encode() to produce an extended JSON representation of the MongoDB\BSON\Int64.

Note: The output is consistent with the MongoDB\BSON\toCanonicalExtendedJSON() function, which uses the » canonical extended JSON format. This differs from other BSON classes, which use the driver-specific legacy extended JSON format (MongoDB\BSON\toJSON()), in order to ensure that the 64-bit integer value is correctly represented on 32-bit platforms.


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PHP Manual || MongoDB\BSON\Int64