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Latest Version [8.00202205221] Last Updated [May-22-2022]


PHP Manual [MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp

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PHP Manual || MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp

(mongodb >=1.3.0)

MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp::getTimestampReturns the timestamp component of this Timestamp


final public MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp::getTimestamp ( void ) : int

The timestamp component of a Timestamp is its most significant 32 bits, which denotes the number of seconds since the Unix epoch. This value is read as an unsigned 32-bit integer with big-endian byte order.

Note: Because PHP's integer type is signed, some values returned by this method may appear as negative integers on 32-bit platforms. The "%u" formatter of sprintf() may be used to obtain a string representation of the unsigned decimal value.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns the timestamp component of this Timestamp.


On 32-bit systems this method may return a negative number. Although the increment and timestamp parts of the BSON timestamp type consists of two unsigned 32-bit values, PHP can not represent these on 32-bit platforms.


PHP Manual || MongoDB\BSON\Timestamp