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PHP Manual [Runtime Configuration]

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PHP Manual || Installing/Configuring

The behaviour of these functions is affected by settings in php.ini.

Yac Configure Options
Name Default Changeable Changelog
yac.compress_threshold -1 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
yac.debug 0 PHP_INI_ALL
yac.enable 1 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
yac.enable_cli 0 PHP_INI_SYSTEM
yac.keys_memory_size 4M PHP_INI_SYSTEM
yac.serializer php PHP_INI_SYSTEM
yac.values_memory_size 64M PHP_INI_SYSTEM

Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives.

yac.compress_threshold integer

yac.debug integer

yac.enable integer

yac.enable_cli integer

yac.keys_memory_size string

yac.serializer string

yac.values_memory_size string

PHP Manual || Installing/Configuring