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Alexa Traffic Rank Booster Sites

Webmasters used to be obsessed with Google PageRank (PR). Now that obsession has moved on to Alexa Traffic Rank - especially since PR is no longer updated. What is Alexa Traffic Rank? In simple terms, Alexa Traffic Rank is a rough measure of a website's popularity, compared with all of the other sites on the internet, taking into account both the number of visitors and the number of pages viewed on each visit. Alexa Traffic Rank is collected from web surfers (typically webmasters) who have the Alexa Toolbar installed in their web browser.

Alexa Traffic Rank booster sites provide a service to boost (increase) your website Alexa Traffic Rank. How? Users of these sites view the sites of other users in rotation. For every xx sites you view, xx users view your site(s). It works since each user must have the Alexa Traffic Rank Toolbar for it to work.

Does it work? Yes and no. For as long as you continue to use the service, your website Alexa Traffic Rank will increase and improve. But, there are some big caveats:

1. If and when you stop using the service, your Alexa Traffic Rank will decrease back to where it was before you started. There may be a slight improvement. This service is like a drug. Very addictive, hard to quit, and you only reap 'benefits' while you use it.
2. Other Alexa metrics are skewed in such a way that is undesirable. For example, high Bounce Rate, low Daily Pageviews per Visitor, and low Daily Time on Site. Google Analytics will report similar skewed metrics. The benefits, besides short lasting, are less beneficial than you think. Like a drug.

All in all, we highly recommend that you do not use Alexa Traffic Rank booster sites. Instead, focus on driving quality traffic to your website. Build it, and they will come. Provide interesting unique content, and update daily. Users and the search engines will love you and (more importantly) your website for it. Content rich websites which are updated on a regular basis typically are accompanied by higher Alexa Traffic Rank, and quality traffic. Build it, and they will come.
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