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Database Backups

In real estate, it is all about location, location, location. In the world of mySQL, is all about backups, backups, backups. If your mySQL database is corrupted, lost, or exploted, without a backup to restore from, all is lost. To avoid this worst case scenario, you need to backup your database on a regular basis:

1. If and when you ever manually execute a query (for example, via phpMyAdmin) that modifies the database (values and/or database structure) , backup the database first via an app like phpMyAdmin.

2. Request from your web host that they schedule a cron job to backup the database at regular times: for example, daily.

3. For redundancy and as an extra precaution, manually backup all your mySQL databases via an app like phpMyAdmin.

If your database(s) is ever damaged or lost, you can restore your database(s) by importing your backup(s) via an app like phpMyAdmin.
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