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Password Security

A very important and crucial measure to ensure server security is to use strong, secure passwords:

- Use passwords with at least 8 characters.
- Use complex passwords that include numbers, symbols, and punctuation.
- Use a variety of passwords for different accounts or roles.
- Test passwords in a secure password tool.
- Do not use dictionary words as passwords, e.g. myblackdog
- Do not repeat sequences of characters, e.g. 3333, abcdabcd.
- Do not use personal information in passwords, e.g. your birthdate.
- Do not store passwords on laptops, smartphones or tablets that can be lost.
- Use a password manager to securely keep track of your passwords (See our post on LastPass).
- Setup two-factor authentication when available.
- Use a secure password generator.

We provide an excellent web-based online tool to test passwords, and generate strong passwords: PassMeter
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